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Renegade Rebbetzin found a site which I really did enjoy finding Look at her post to see what I mean

Then on another blog, West Ender Rebbetzin, I found her post about this

Now 1) has to do with nice styled Jean Skirts and the 2) has to deal with N’shei Chabad newsletter and their printing of a tznius guide.

I couldn’t find a better topic if it had found me and bitten me itself.

Now, as some of you know, I really hate how Flatbush has gotten. Don’t get me even started on Crown Heights which I do go to on occassion. That is why I find the article laughable. It’s extremely strict, and I mean its strict on the level that many Yeshivish Ravs will disagree. How can you expect people to want to go ahead and follow it when they see so many of their peers not doing it?

It’s a common thing which I think many people forget about. If you see someone doing something, you might disagree and not do it. If you see ten people do the same thing on the same day you might begin to consider doing it.

Walk down the street, anywhere, in Boro Park, Flatbush, etc and you tell me exactly what kind of tznius you see. We aren’t one of those strick have to be at the supreme level of tznius, but I would like to see knees covered, slits not showing everything, and even a top that wouldn’t remind me of a quote from an upcoming movie where a mother says ‘are you trying to ask for it’ as the daughter is wearing a shirt slightly unbottoned and very tight across her chest and she replies ‘as a matter of fact I am asking for it’.

So by taking those three things, walk down the street on a typical day and you tell me what kind of tzinius you see. Forget about the ‘shorter skirts’, the hooker wear boots, the tops that are tied off around right under the breasts for maximum showing, the see through clothes that barely have something underneath to not show off the girl but that just ask for imaginations to go wild like the a rumored ‘Rivky does Flatbush’ video, the slits that go anywhere from the knees till almost the panties, the tight fitting clothing, and of course the immaculate shietal on top of the woman if you are lucky…because many times you’ll just see this on the next generation of girls who are in HS or just beyond and will be getting married but haven’t figured out how to be modest or at the very least dress stylishly without showing themselves off.

I have absolutely no complaints about woman who are well dressed, well put together, stylish, etc…but its one thing to look like a woman who looks nice and look like well…something which rhymes with booker.


Written by frombrooklyn

February 11, 2007 at 1:18 AM

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  1. i agree with u. frum jews these days are exposing more and more of their body. keep it for ur husband.


    February 14, 2007 at 3:06 PM

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