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So really in reality we lost our road map

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We started by giving advise online from our perspective and then got rolled into how much we truly dislike how the Rabbis are leading us in terms of sexuality, interpersonal relationships, family values, and education.

We kept going back and forth what we commented on this blog, which is probably helped with us getting lost.

So – we are going to break the cycle. We are going back to commenting on what we were good at – Jewish Marriage. Trying to get the idea out to our fellow Jews what a marriage should be like. How we need to retake control over these chumras and idiocies that are affecting both us and our children.

And also work on our book (yes a book but seriously unsure if we will ever publish but she shall see).

Anyways, tomorrow begins us a new day


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May 20, 2009 at 2:51 PM

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  1. Subject: Are all Jews really created equal in Brooklyn NY?

    How about the perfect storm!!

    A fake not for profit organization, 1 Rabbi Belski, 2 Rabbi Ralbags, 1 Rabbi Weinreb, a corrupt yeshiva and hundreds of thousands of dollars — Now, throw in a father who found religion and their 2 young daughters into the mix.


    The Jewish mother who is has been fighting for her children for close to 5 years. I am writing this because I was approached by a man collecting money to help his children. The more questions I asked the stranger the story became. I decided to look into it further and what I learned saddened me a great deal.

    This man was collecting money to take 2 young girls away from their mother. Who I have come to know as am excellent mother who is doing her best to raise her daughters– against all odds

    After she and her husband decided to separate she decided to play by the rules and make every effort to keep the children close to their father. What she got in return was a fight she never imagined possible. Her husband used his status as a growing religious Jew to rally the Midwood Jewish community against her. She found herself fighting him, his financial donors, the yeshiva their children attended and the members of the community who heard only one side of the story.

    She has paid her attorney close to $200,000 to protect her right to raise her children. And while she fights, her young daughters are being brainwashed into thinking horrible their mother. I sat with the children and was stunned when they told me that they learned that they will get Karet because of their mother and it is their greatest fear. To help cope with the situation, the house is now kosher, the children dress tzanuaand they keep shabbos when at her home.

    I learned that every second their father has with them, he is bad mouthing their mom, taking the children to rabbis and “big sisters” who are telling them what bad things will happen if they do not follow the torah and separate themselves from their mother who is less religious.

    After their separation, her husband turned to religion… a man who partied hard, ate non kosher and kept shabbat for appearances now has a big beard, big hat, and keeps halav yisrael. The husband moved on and had two children with another woman telling this poor Jewish mother that a certain Rabbi had her Get. For years she tried to get a straight answer from the Rabbis until finally she understood it was a scam- there was no get. Ironically, his new found religion did not stop him from finding a way to get a Heter to remarry religiously due to an unexpected pregnancy, leaving the mother of his first 2 children in an impossible situation.

    Finally, in April 2009, she was able to get her Jewish divorce. But what can she do without a civil divorce? Nothing!

    The father is a well known business man in Brooklyn. And if not for this woman’s story I would NEVER believe that so much fraud and hatred could fester in one community. The father has been extreme in his quest to phase her out of her children’s lives. He goes around begging for money to help his cause. Telling people it is to save his children’s souls and to pay for child support and yeshiva. This man has not paid child support in 3 years.

    He is a liar, manipulator, a deadbeat, a beggar, a fraud, a schemer, an imposter who is misrepresenting himself to the orthodox community and has the communities cash to keep harassing the mother of his children. She went from Rabbi to Rabbi asking for help — Nothing!!

    I heard this woman’s story and felt it needed to be shared.

    How could we, as a Jewish community do this to a good mother? Are we really willing to separate children from their parents if we feel that they are not “religious enough”?

    This woman survived allegations of drug abuse, neglect, exposing her children to pornography and even allegations that she allowed her 6 year old to have relations in her home. None of these were remotely true. Is this the type of father we want raising 2 young girls simply because he says that he is frim?

    I think we need to take responsibility for the tzedaka that we give and know more about the people we are willing to support. I think we should reserve judgement and leave that up to Hashem.


    July 9, 2009 at 4:10 PM

  2. Is everything OK?


    September 1, 2009 at 9:35 PM

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