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Happy Matza Eating to all

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Enjoy the Matza eating and see you all after Pesach in line at Pizza Time…heard a rumor they are going 4 dollars a slice after Pesach and we want to se if it true


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April 18, 2008 at 4:33 PM

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FrumSatire writes about an Yeshiva World News article that seems to be against the Jewish Press…*sigh* Another rant about Halacha v. Chumra

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FrumSatire has a comment about an article on theYeshiva World News concerning the fact that someone complained about the inappropriate advertisements in the Jewish Press.

Okay, let’s look at this logically.

The Jewish Press does not violate Halacha. It would be an insult to the many Ravs who write for the Jewish Press and to the founders of the Jewish Press to say otherwise. Yes, they do open the eyes towards many many problems in our community. They do bring in views from across the entire Jewish Spectrum in America, and they might skirt the edge of what should be written or not but they aren’t violating Halacha.

The main problem is that people’s chumras go against what they see in the Jewish Press OR they want to be blind to the problems in our community. Fine. Go ahead. Do that. BUT DON’T YOU DARE FOR ONE MOMENT PUSH UPON THE REST OF US WHAT YOU FEEL IS FINE AND NOT FINE FOR A JEW TO DO.

Only person that can do that is our Rav thank you very much and B”H we have a Rav who is not completely dense, who is 100% a well respected Yeshivish Rosh Yeshivah who knows about what our individual hashkafah and feels are and ensures that when we do have a question for him he makes sure we understand the entire situation, what he feels about it, and what the halacha is about it.

Yes, we actually have a Rav who tells us his opinion and then what the Halacha is, even if the halacha is against what his opinion is!

Shocking huh?

In any case, the Yeshiva World News used to be a nice site. It’s really gone down hill in the last year as it becomes more and more extreme with its viewpoints…or maybe its just the commenters who are making it so.

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April 14, 2008 at 1:31 PM

Saw this randomly. The Forward wrote about a sex scandal in Australia. Reminds of the issues here in America

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The Forward has an article about a Principal who was accused of molesting girls in the school she was in charge of. She skipped the country ahead of the public announcement of it with approx. 100k borrowed from the local community before they found out about the entire announcement. She ran off to Israel with the money and fleeing the investigation into the charges.

While it is up to the investigators to find out if this is true or not, but this reminds us of the multitude of issues in America with the Ravs not coming forward about child abuse in our communities, that the schools do not require fingerprinting to ensure criminals do not teach in our schools, and that the Agudah Israel was against mandatory fingerprinting of child care workers.

When my child grows up, I’m going to be a very vocal and watchful parent, that’s for damned sure.

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April 14, 2008 at 6:28 AM

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Excellent post from Frumhouse, thanks Jacob for posting up about it

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Frumhouse talked about then whole Lipagate issue in a very excellent manner. Extremely well written, excellent reasoning, bringing in basis from sources as to why the Rabbis were wrong…in essence an excellent post.

See this is what happens when your child is extremely sick. You miss all the good stuff. Thanks to Jacob Da Jew for putting it on his site becuase that’s how I noticed it.

Back to caring for the little one

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April 10, 2008 at 12:51 PM

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One of our posts on Calm Kallahs, we felt we needed to throw it up here: Concerning how we feel about what is the current state of the Yeshivish World

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We wrote about how many of the Ravs and Leaders of the Yeshivish Community, primarily in Flatbush and Lakewood, are currently using their opinions and not halacha to decide what can and cannot be done according to the Torah and that the level of judgementalism in the Yeshivish World is on the rise – just look at the Concert Ban and those Yeshivish who are bashing their ex-good enough for them neighbors because they aren’t supporting them.


Our post. The thread can be found here 

How can one substantiate any of these claims without causing someone to be embarrassed or to cause a fight between a Jew and another Jew? 

We have personally seen and heard stories first hand of Jews being thrown out of a shul or a school because they didn’t fit in with the crowd among the Yeshivish. We know personal stories of BTs and Gerim who were rejected because they don’t have Yichus. We know of at least three posaks of the Generation in Flatbush that people ask shailahs of who do not answer questions of why the halacha is that when they give psaks. While they are busy they are unwilling to even just state where they are referencing themselves from. 

Let us make ourselves clear. We know many B”H many many Yeshivish people who are not like above. These people happen to be more into kiruv or have a background which they realize that they should not go ahead and pretend that they were always Yeshivish or they are better than their fellows. 

Are we saying all of the Ravs and people in the Yeshivish world are like this? No. However many of the leaders are being exactly like above. Look at Lakewood. Look at the elite schools in Flatbush. Go ask the Ravs of Shuls why the Boro Park Eruv is Kosher for Yeshivish to use but not the one in Flatbush that does not cross Ocean Parkway is not kosher (there are currently 5 eruvs within Brooklyn btw). We have a friend who Rav told him every eruv in Brooklyn isn’t kosher because of R’ Moshe Feinstein…even though our friend knows that R’ Moshe Feinstein’s objection was concerning Ocean Parkway he has to listen to this Rav because he made a psak – even if it was made upon questionable references. 

B”H the entire Yeshivish World is not like that. If it was there were be more than grumblings happening in Flatbush and the other strongholds. However one does need to realize in this day of age that our leaders are completely throwing aside what the previous generations have established. The bugs in the water were asked in the previous generations and were mutared. As was the Indian Hair. As was Concerts. As were even weddings with mixed seating (not that we object to that one but out of town weddings are so much nicer because of it). 

We are critical because we care, not because we wish to point fingers and blame and crucify anyone. 

If everyone who had a real objection to how the Jewish People are led right now would stand up and shout outloud that we need to have change and we need to be led upon halacha and not the opinions of the Ravs.

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April 9, 2008 at 11:20 PM

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I wish there was a way to really track visitors

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Seriously, as much as I like wordpress there are these issues.

1) I typically have 200 to 300 visitors a day

2) WordPress only shows me referers. Not showing me if these people are unique every day or have been regulars that show up on a weekly basis


While we have been rather quiet lately, thats what happens when one gets really ill and the child also gets sick, but it just makes us curious to know how to be able to figure this stuff out.

Any blogmasters out there reading this know more about this stuff than us?

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April 9, 2008 at 3:49 AM

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According to a writer in the Jewish Press the Yeshivish World needs to learn that banning things are not the answer – our question is why are our Ravs better than the previous generations? Aren’t our Rabbis suppose to guide us instead of hitting us with sticks?

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The main focus of the article was that the author of the article stated that he has heard a lot of rumblings of people who normally never complained about the Rabbis banning or enforcing some strictness in halacha are now complaining about the fact that the Lipa Concert was banned and the ban was so vindictive and nasty in its language that it could include any concert in the future. In the end the author felt that the Yeshiva World needs to remember that banning things are not the option.

In every generation we are taught that we are not as great as the previous generation. This doesn’t mean we cannot be as righteous as the previous generation, it just means that the previous generations should be more respected as our own.

Concerts have been around for a long time. In fact a lot of things have been around for a long time such as bugs in the water, cigarettes, etc…and what are we doing now a days?

There were Ravs in the past that were asked these questions. They did not go ahead and ban those things even though the same issues were raised then as they were raised now. However, what are we doing today? We are banning things left and right. And is this what should be done?

Our Ravs are supposed to guide us. Not hit us with sticks and tell us ‘Bad Jew Bad Jew’. That isn’t the right way. HALACHA IS HALACHA and CHUMRAS ARE CHUMRAS. Chumras are what people should try to follow, if you can’t or won’t it doesn’t make you a bad Jew. 

These bans are not about halacha, they are the opinions of these Ravs who don’t like them. Are they free to voice their opinions? Yes. But not to say their opinion with the voice of halacha. How many people ignore the opinions of Ravs? A lot of them do and they do not feel like they are going against the Torah. Jews who ignore the bans feel that way and it can lead them down a darker path.

Let’s hope people wake up.


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April 7, 2008 at 2:32 AM

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