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The Temple Mount issues

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Jewlicious really does sum up what I would say about the issue. Story about the Temple Mount

Now the only problem I have with the entire situation is that we allowed this to happen. We allowed this manifestation of the Arabs opinion that they actually should have control over our holiest site. These sites are not their holiest, and yes respectively, they do consider them very holy, but what about our own rights? We gave them away when we signed the peace treaties, when we have given back land, when we have allowed them for all intents and purposes to control East Jerusalem because the secular state felt a need to do that. Now it’s biting us back.

But I am more concerned about the rise of division between the many segments of the Jewish population in Israel. We have never been more divided both in Israel and also aboard with all of our ‘fences’ we seem to put up between us. Can someone tell me how, as Jews, we except to keep EY and our nation together if we cannot come together through Unity?


Written by frombrooklyn

February 11, 2007 at 1:02 AM

Posted in Jews in General

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