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Why is Flatbush still acting the same?

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Here are my why questions concerning Flatbush/Brooklyn/NY mentality crap that still goes on.

Why are people condemned because of their parents?
Why are people condemned for having a tv/computer?
Why are kids thrown out of school for having a tv/computer at home?
Why are Yeshivas turning a blind eye to how they educate our children?
Why do our schools care more about the money than the education?
Why is it that the rich parents can buy their children out of trouble?
Why are Ravs still not conducting true background checks on all teachers?
Why is it that skirts are so damn short on Yeshivish Women?
Why is it that White Skirts are allowed if they are see through?
Why is it that a skirt when you walk is fine below the knee but everyone forgets what happens when they sit on the bus and a guy is sitting right across from them with a perfect view?
Why is it that BY HS Girls rub up against guys on the bus? (true story and no, not telling which friend told me that one)
Why is it that all of these ‘learning seminars, groups, speakers, etc’ speak to the audiance like we are dumb?
Why is it that the Ravs cannot understand they are supposed to just psak, not give their opinion into the psak?
Why do we continue to put down BTs or Gerim?
Why do we tell our children how they should shidduch date and who they should shidduch date?
Why do Shabbas Table Clothes and Clean Up have to be brought into a Shadchan List of Questions?
Why does the girl need to give her entire measurements in order to be read to someone?
Why is it that perfectly smart wonderful girls cannot find a shidduch just because they are smart and want a true college education and job?
Why is it that Kollel People don’t realize that they need to find a way to bring home the money?
Why is it that Kollel Men waste time outside smoking or drinking coffee for half an hour or longer each day when they are supposed to be inside learning?
Why is it that the Ravs can’t have the guts to finally make smoking against halacha due to its harmful sideeffects? (True story of a famous Rav in Israel stating he wouldn’t rule on it because he believed it was like snuff and therefore not healthy to do but if he ruled then too many adicts would be going against halacha)
Why do we need to outdo one another in the making of simchas?
Why can’t NY People say Good Shabbas to one another on the street?
Why is it that there are over 4 Eruvs in Flatbush and none are kosher? (been told one at least is according to Rav Moshe but no Yeshivish Rav is willing to say anything about it)
Why can’t an Eruv be made that everyone could agree with so we can allow our women to not be homebound?

More whys maybe in the future….


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May 30, 2007 at 7:42 AM

Public Charter School in Florida for Hebrew Speakers???

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Florida Jewish News and Yeshiva World News are talking about the fact that Florida is going to have the first Public Charter School that will be a Hebrew-English school.

This means the following

1) The children will recieve a bi-lingual education of English and Hebrew
2) They will have to do all the subjects the public schools do
3) Due to the bi-lingual aspect there will be Jewish Culture/History put into the curriculum for two hours of the day
4) Since it is a public school teaching of Torah or Religion will not be permitted, though the students can be permitted to organize their own prayer groups.

Could this work in NY? Doubtful, esp. since NY State is much stricter on the whole seperation of Church and State. However we think its a good plan in theory. Many Jewish Schools operate till 6 or 7 PM here in NY. Why not allow the students to be able to learn an actual education and then be able to learn from 2pm till 6 or 7 hebrew? Mind you most Jewish Schools go from 9 till 1 or 2 so therefore they would still learnt he same 4 or 5 hours of Hebew learning but at a different time during the day.

It’s an interesting thought.

Written by frombrooklyn

May 20, 2007 at 10:02 PM

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Time…precious and how do you find more of it?

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We are really wondering where our time goes. Between house, home, and the baby we are so busy.

We really wonder how other people are able to do it.

So while we want to post, we just haven’t, but iyh today we’ll find the time we need.

Sorry to all who are awaiting a good post from us, just busy here in our household.

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May 16, 2007 at 5:24 AM

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Just wanted to say

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Good Shabbas to all!

Also, we’re back to normal as of next week so expect more blogging from us come Monday.

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May 11, 2007 at 8:13 PM

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Once again, search engine roulette

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How some people came to be here:

Once again, I laugh.


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May 8, 2007 at 12:29 PM

Online Board Highlight: I’m a Mother

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Ok, so we decided that we are going to highlight the boards on the internet that we enjoy going to. While we don’t post on many, we do enjoy reading and discussing with our friends who we know post there.

So, here’s the first one.

Name: I’m a Mother
Site is for: Only Jewish Women who are married

Why do we like it? Well, actually its my wife who enjoys the site rather than I. We enjoy it because its about Jewish Women coming together and discussing the problems that they are facing every single day.

Downside: Opinion of men on that site seems way too…pessimistic/put down on how men are. It might be because of the ‘general experiences’ of women over there but my wife was shocked by some of the pessimism about how men act over there.

Do we recommend? If you a woman, looking for a good place to discuss issues with intelligent women then its your cup of tea.

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May 8, 2007 at 5:59 AM

Lag B’Omar

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Every year I wonder to myself what exactly does Lag B’Omar mean, at least to me personally. Should I contemplate the fact that the righteous Rabbi Akiva’s students stopped dying on this day? That Bar Yochai died this day? That the miracle of Jews being able to control (and I use the word control very very liberally) a part of Eretz Yisroel? Should I go light a bon fire and do all the other things other Jews do, such as going to the parades and concerts?

It is a weird feeling knowing that today I can cut my hair, listen to music, go see Spiderman 3, and I don’t know why…why this is such an important day.

No, I do know what is important for this day. However I do not know what it means inside my heart.

I have come to the realization that Lag B’Omar is a unique day, it means a lot of different things. It is everything I said above, it just depends on what I choose to do on this day that affects how I feel about it.

Why do I say this?

Today is the day that the Talmidim of Rabbi Akiva, the light of that generation, a direct decendent of converts, stopped dying. The day that the Light of the Torah did not disappear once more during that dark age of Jewish History.

So, we have the light and it will not go away. We need to take this light and do what we will with it. Do your celebrations, do the things that are important to your heart, but remember that you walk with the light of the Torah that today proved it could not be extinguished.

Oh and remember why those students died. They died because they could not get along with one another. That they did not care about each other. Remember that when you bring the Light of the Torah into your every day actions and pray to Hashem that you do not cause another plague to come down upon Klal Yisroel because you were arrogant enough to recreate the actions of those students who caused that plague during that time to happen.

Written by frombrooklyn

May 6, 2007 at 9:38 PM

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