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So really in reality we lost our road map

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We started by giving advise online from our perspective and then got rolled into how much we truly dislike how the Rabbis are leading us in terms of sexuality, interpersonal relationships, family values, and education.

We kept going back and forth what we commented on this blog, which is probably helped with us getting lost.

So – we are going to break the cycle. We are going back to commenting on what we were good at – Jewish Marriage. Trying to get the idea out to our fellow Jews what a marriage should be like. How we need to retake control over these chumras and idiocies that are affecting both us and our children.

And also work on our book (yes a book but seriously unsure if we will ever publish but she shall see).

Anyways, tomorrow begins us a new day


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May 20, 2009 at 2:51 PM

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