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The issues of Sexual Crimes in our community

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This post by Failed Messiah made me feel like I needed to post the following.

As an educator, I feel that it is the responsibility of teachers and schools to protect our children, just like the Public School system does for their children. Should we say that the goyim care about their children more than we care about ours? How many teachers are told not to go to social services? to the police? How many times will schools hide pedophiles and get away with it?

I support and endorse any and all actions that help root out the evil in our communities that will condemn and ban the people who will exploit and abuse others for their own sexual needs. And when I say ban I mean ban them from the entire Jewish Community around the world. Today is a global age. No one should be able to run to another community and set up shop once more because no one knows about him or her. (Yes her, because woman can be just as easily sexual abusing children, husbands, boyfriends.)

Some sites that are trying to shine a light on the growing problem. Now just because I post the sites here doesn’t mean I always endorse the methods that they do in order to get results, however, I do enjoy reading the sites and I do think that in the end they are doing a service to the Jewish Community as a whole.

The Awareness Center

Failed Messiah

The Unorthodox Jew


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February 28, 2007 at 3:49 PM

So, why is there a new category on the side of the blog?

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Not to aim and kill off the comments left by those, in my opinion, are more of an attempt to self promote their blog (or a poster trying to promote another blog)…and I don’t mind that. I enjoy reading blogs, keeps me informed of Jewish Life everyone, always good for laughs, and so I had added those blogs/sites to the list.

However, in an interest to ensure to everyone that I did not run across these blogs through my own and have come to enjoy them by myself, I had decided to make a new category for those blogs that I have run across on my own blog through promotion of that blog in a comment here.

This isn’t a slap in the face to anyone, definately not intended as such, but I wanted to make a differentiation between Blogs I read a lot and found on my own and Blogs that I have not decided about yet but I deem worthy of at least listed as a link.

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February 28, 2007 at 2:58 AM

Purim is right around the corner

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And of course liquer is on the mind of most Jews when it comes to Purim.

Now depending on who you do listen to, there is a major mitzvah to get drunk, however many of our fellow Jews that this too far. When the adults become intoxicated around the children the children want in on the fun too. Many High Schools and Post HS Bais Midrashes have this issue and it becomes a worse problem every single year. How many times does hatzolah need to answer calls of emergency for excessive drunkedness? How many times are we going to let our children see what kind of animals we become when we are drunk? How many times will we allow them to go to unsupervised events? (and when unsupervised I mean a rational adult that will prevent anyone below the age of 21 to drink as well as ensure no one is allowed to drink more than becoming a little drunk)

I implore every single one of my readers to go ahead and tell your family and friends that while drinking is a mitzvah, it is more of a mitzvah to go and learn about the fact that you cannot tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman through the inner meanings of Purim instead of drinking and not realizing the difference between your bed and the cold concrete outside your home as you collapse into a drunken sleep.

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February 28, 2007 at 2:38 AM

Ever wonder how people find this blog? Well here is the search results that had people come here

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February 26, 2007 at 5:20 AM

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Four links to four must reads

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Please click on the links below and read the posts from other blogs. My comments are based upon the link and I won’t grab their text to just place onto here out of respect for my fellow bloggers (who deserve to be visited because of their writings).

Orthomom – Winter Break Worries – Orthomom hits it right on the nail about her post concerning how we should shudder and be shocked about the winter breaks that so many orthadox teens are allowed to take. Many of these teens go to Florida or to othe locales wth a group of friends, unsupervised by any adults, and all have the ability to do what they would like without answering to their parents (unless they get caught by the law). I am amazed that this goes on and that parents are willing to allow their children to go away for harmless fun during winter break…if you can call what Orthomom quotes on her site as harmless.

Jacob Da Jew writes about musar to both Secular and Hardei Israeli – Its a good laugh, you may or may not agree with the punchlines of the jokes, but I did and should be an eye opener for some.

Yid With Lid writes about his own shpiel about how he is trying to support the case in support of Orthomom due to her lawsuit. He has a lot of guts about what he is doing and if any of you are following the case and wish to be supportive please go to the link (and he is my new blogger I am reading, his blog is on the side now)

The Jewish Chronicle writes about how everyone is saying its 1938 again with concern to the Iran issue. While I can agree with it, I also disagree. I do believe that we are in a dangerous position as Jews in this world and more than ever we cannot be seen as misstepping in order to uphold the Torah, Hashem’s Honor, and the respect that the nations we live in deserve unless they seek to destroy us or cause the corruption of Hashem’s name. (this is another new blog I am reading too)

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February 26, 2007 at 5:14 AM

Followup Story concerning the testing problem at Brooklyn College for the Spring Semester Finals

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Followup Story concerning the testing problem at Brooklyn College for the Spring Semester Finals

Wanted to point out that there were several politicians who apparently were in an uproar trying to change the CUNY Test Dates because they fell out on Shavous, apparently ignoring the fact that the LAW OF NY STATE makes it mandatory to provide make up dates for religous observance.

CUNY just released a letter about this, making sure everyone knows when the make up dates are, but the fact that they were forced to do it so quickly and so publicly is absurd. I am proud that the Yeshiva World News website actually wrote at the bottom of the story (see the link) that they wondered if there was a law why was there an uproar?

Yes, why indeed? Why did Jews go ahead, make a huge bullseye on themselves, creating this uproar over the testing dates when anyone who goes to any college in NY knows that there will be and always has been make up dates for religous observances for any and all tests.

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February 26, 2007 at 4:53 AM

The Five Towns Jewish Times has a great editor’s article about Orthomom and the lawsuit

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The Five Towns Jewish Times has a great editor’s article about Orthomom and the lawsuit against here. Again, we should all be supporting her in her time of need. Anonymity is one of the great things in this country along with the Freedom of Speech and needs to be protected.

The Five Towns Jewish Times

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February 23, 2007 at 3:30 PM

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