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While using the search terms of people coming to our blog found an interesting but old NY Times article

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Where Lingerie Sells to the Orthadox of course got our attention when we decide to see what other links show up that produce hits to our site. Readers, it’s amazing how many people either type in ‘Frum Sex’ ‘Nude Frum Girls’ or they type in Married in Brooklyn Blog to find us.

The article is about Frum Women, where they go to shop for sexy lingerie to be able to entice their husbands. Now we can just hope their husband’s do something equally as enticing to get them into bed.


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December 20, 2007 at 2:09 AM

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A blog we just learned about

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A new blog that has caught our eye. Feel free and check her blog out Frum Librarian

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December 20, 2007 at 2:02 AM

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Imagine you saw a Jew being attacked and didn’t do anything? Well a Muslim saw it and he did do something!

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The story can be read here CNN: Jews saved my Muslim after being attacked by replying a Happy Christmas greeting with a Happy Chanukah one

The thing that shocked me about the incident (and no, it isn’t the Muslim because I know plenty of decent ones) is the fact that the Jew who was assaulted stated the following ‘A muslim helped us when our own people wouldn’t.’

Now that’s a crime in of itself that this Jew said that, that he was being attacked for saying Happy Chanukah and no other Jew helped them.

Doesn’t anyone remember the purpose of Chanukah or are people going to remember that since it was only a fraction of the Jews who really rose up against the Greeks that therefore they aren’t obligated to count themselves in that minority.

I’m proud that the person replied Happy Chanukah and that a Muslim saved them – proud of it since it’s in the papers and shows that Muslims can be decent and how some Christians can be ignorant savages.

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December 13, 2007 at 2:11 AM

What kind of room does every kosher home need? A kosher sex room that’s what

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This is probably bound to get a like of hideous people who do those damnable google searches trying to find frum porn or the like. However we feel that well…we already get plenty of those so therefore so what? As we were together we got to thinking about a smart aleck comment I made about ‘Jews should have a seperate room off their master bedroom for a sex room so they can lock it up and keep the kids out’. Well that off the wall comment brought us to some very serious thoughts. Let’s face it; this might not apply to married couples who don’t have kids and also do not have family members who walk into their home uninvited. This would be for those who do have relatives who come in the door without announcing themselves and have kids.  So, why a “Kosher Sex Room”? I mean don’t we have enough rooms that we want? We all want a 2nd Kitchen for Pesach, a Shabbas Playroom for the Kids (see Basement uses), extra bathrooms for the amount of kids you have (and in Flatbush its usually more girls than boys at home and we all know that girls from HS and above need to put on the makeup and blitz the zits and zap the pits to already get on the right lists), and can’t forget the study, the large living room and dining room, and of course the transforming of closets into bedrooms because you have run out of bedrooms and rooms for the kids.So, this extra room, off the master bedroom, what’s the reason? Let’s count the ways,

  • Can lock up so your kids don’t know that Mommy and Daddy can sleep in the same bed 
  • Can hide the TV and Computer from your kids
  • Hide the secular books from your kids
  • Turn it into a hideaway from the children and everyone else
  • Can make sure that there is complete darkness if you are following that opinion or make it as bright as you want without the kids knowing you are still up.
  • Hide the sex toys, porn, and sexual aids that you might use
  • Home Videoes of Mommy and Daddy Storage
  • Private Pics of Mommy and Daddy Storage
  • One word: Soundproofing

 Yeah, sounds a bit boring in the end and you can only say that if you could compare it to a sex room for goyim. They have hanging bars, stretching bars, swings, etc and those rooms are never really intended to be a secret – generally they are there until they need to turn it into a nursery.However for us married people without a room to call our own for those two precious weeks we have together, its a nice idea. In this day in age, if you really want to be what you wish in the bedroom with your spouse and do whatever you want how can you? Can you trust your children to not go through drawers that you might leave unguarded? To not find things that you do not want them to see? Or even walk in unknowing? We were making a pointed comment that once our child grows up and gets older that we’ll even need to be quiet during our time together because they might overhear!?! Yes, they don’t make walls like they used to. We always hear our neighbors and I am sure they hear us.  So is this kind of room out of the question? Not really, maybe it should be renamed to ‘Mommy and Daddy Private Room’ but that wouldn’t of drawn so many of you to come and read this. Hoping more people comment than lurk for this time around, wondering if anyone feels that only having such a private room will give you that peace of mind to have those things in the house and be whatever you wish to be with your spouse without the children/relatives finding out.  

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December 12, 2007 at 3:09 AM

Our newest read from the blogging community

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We just ran across Bad for Shidduchim and it’s a fun read. Go ahead and see for yourself

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December 12, 2007 at 2:38 AM

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Someone commented on my post concerning how people wouldn’t marry certain people and made me rush off into this delightful comment which I shall entitle ‘smells like a Bais Hamikdash burning’

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Note: The commenter has stated that he was being sarcastic. We would also like to state that our comment was not directed at the blogger as a personal attack. Take it for what it is, an attack against anyone who feels that they can judge fellow Jews and decide that they are less than yourself.See original post here

The quoted text of the comment: “but don’t you realize that we are spiritually weaker and must be more careful than they were?”

Our response:Your first comment it sounds very much to me in line with the elitish higher than though approach that many are having today in the Yeshivsh/Black Hat world. There is no such thing as exempting someone because of their family or their background unless it is affecting the here and now. How can someone who wasn’t so religious in HS but then went to Israel and came back frummer than the boy next door be condemned because of his HS years? How can a convert raised from birth as an aishel chayil be put down because she is a gerus?And no, do not even dare state ‘well there are special circumstances’. There aren’t any. Either you are a Jew or you are not. Either you are religious or you are not. Want to marry someone with specific machmirs and follows certain Rabbis then fine. Want to marry someone because of their personality, midos, and looks? Go ahead. Not to marry someone because you feel that they are tainted by the fact they are BT, Convert, or you dislike their family? There is no such thing as that be allowed by Chazal/The Gemera/By HALACHA ITSELF. It sounds like to me the smell of the Bais Hamikdash shel Shemayim burning like the first two burned due to the fact that Jews turned on one another in this kind of manner. The buck doesn’t stop at shidduchim. It has continued onward in all aspects of personal and business association especially in the Black Hat/Yeshivish Communities – most notably in any community which is NY or can be considered ‘NYish’ such as Monsey, Lakewood, etc.It’s about time its stopped.

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December 1, 2007 at 10:38 PM