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This is going to take awhile

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How do you explain accurately what the intentions of your Blog is going to be?

It isn’t easy, but we shall try.

As we live in Brooklyn (no, we aren’t natives here) we have decided that being Jewish and living here can be very strange. B”H we have friends who we would classify as normal but when we look around at our fellow Jews in this region of the world we are mystified with the actions of them and those around them.

It is incredible to us, since we are used to ‘outside ny’, that people can act the way they do in NY. The condemnations, holier than thou attitudes, the belief that you aren’t contradiciting your apparent yeshivish or religious identity with their actions or dress is amazing. How does this happen?

We just walk down the main streets over here (ex: Ave M, Ave J, 13th Ave) and we wonder in amazement of the rudeness, lack of achdus, and definately a lack of sense when it comes to knowing what is right or wrong.

Now we won’t claim to know or say that we are always right, thats what the lovely commentating for this blog is about. Feel free to shout at us when we post. However, we’ll post how we feel and that is that. Comments show spill forth about everything and anything that can be deemed Jewish and how we feel about it.

We hope the rollercoaster ride won’t be too bumpy 🙂


Written by frombrooklyn

January 31, 2007 at 6:25 AM