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Delayed from posting because the baby is sick

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Yup, parenting comes before writing about other stuff.

Sorry all, we are both home tomorrow dealing with the sick kids so hopefully one of us will have the time to post up our ‘list’

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December 18, 2008 at 2:21 AM

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We are working on our shopping advise for sexual aids (aka sex toys, books, etc) – taking comments and other peoples suggestions as to what to put on our list

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Yup, so we decided that many Jews might not have the same breadth of knowledge on sexual aids that we do. We actively look for new books to read along with having our own fav toys as well as ones we wish we had, know the reviews, but just can’t get them now.

But do you have any suggestions? Taking them till the end of this week because starting Motzei Shabbas we’ll be putting our list out of whats hot to buy.

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December 10, 2008 at 12:40 PM

Kissing can be dangerous to your health. Well at least to your hearing

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A girl goes deaf after a passionate kissthat ruptured her eardrum.

See, there are reasons not to go around kissing. Maybe that is how we should warn our kids, it aint about sin but its about not losing your hearing or getting diseases.

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December 8, 2008 at 6:41 PM

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Fixing our blog

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While we are back, fixing our blog (blogroll, etc) will have to wait until our vacation which is in about 2 weeks so please be patient. Thanks!

Also, thanks for all our new commentators

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December 8, 2008 at 2:33 PM

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Chemicals changing the gender equasion in the entire world. Our musings on it.

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The Independent in the UK is running the article that tomorrow Scientists will be unveiling proof that gender-bender chemicals have been changing the genetic landscape in the world. Beyond that, they are also stating that PCB chemicals are causing hormonal shifts in boys making them more ‘feminine’ in terms of wanting to play with dolls and do other ‘girlie’ things. Read the article and then read our musing.

Not going to debate on the psych effect of other things are doing to children today, it is interesting to speculate on the following concepts. Now bear with us.

Right now the entire Jewish population within NYC is undergoing a continuing change in issues with the following – in the Chassidish Communities there are more boys than girls being born. In the Ashkenaz/Yeshivish communities there are more girls than boys being born. I am going to eliminate the Russian, Sefardic, and Modern communities from this musing for right now for reasons we will discuss below.

Think about it, where did the Chassidim come from? They always were ‘sheltered’. They didn’t live in large cities. They stayed away from goyim. Even when they came to America they avoided the norm of life in America. They didn’t work in factories, tried to keep insular as well. Which is why Boro Park and Williamsburg have flourished – they have no real factories there, no chemicals spewing out, they have kept to themselves – and they are having more boys. Even if you put in the community of Chassidim that were near or worked in factories they were not the majority and the influx of those people into the larger population would not affected the end result of being able to not have their gender production affected.

With the Yeshivish/Ashkenaz communities, many of them were in larger cities in Europe before coming here. When they did come here they worked in areas that were heavy with factories. The chemicals could of affected them. The Yeshivish mainly married themselves and since the majority of the Yeshivish/Ashkenaz communities were working in the factories or near them/major cities then after generations it could be that finally the effect of over 100 years of exposure to these issues could of affected the gender equasion.

This could explain why the large cities are having this problem (aka East Coast and some of the Midwest) versus the rural areas and the west coast who seem to not have such a large ration of girls to boys like we do here.

And yes, the older single situation is affecting this, but many people have stated that the situation still shouldnt be like this. It only is because with more girls than boys, the older men can select younger nubile girls and ignore the older ones.

The reason why I exempted the Russian and Sefardic communities from this is that due to where they lived/came from the amount of industrialized chemicals effecting them the last 100 years has been far less and therefore which is probably why the Sefardic communities are not having such a ratio issue and that it seems that the Russian communities are also not having it even though many of them are not a part of the Yeshivish/Ashkenaz communities. The more modern Jews (Orthadox, Modern Orthadox, etc) traditionally have less children (through whatever reason) and also by working more white collar jobs have had less exposure so the effect is less there even though there is a ratio issue there as well.

The reason we think that this could be somehow related is because scientific studies have shown that chemical changes to the body have been passed down through offspring. So therefore if the effect kept happening ever generation and it was passed on to each generation then it would be affecting primarily cities where the population has been intermarrying itself. Since NY area people marry NY area people more…this could be a problem.

According to the national census there are more girls than boys in NYC, but its more like 5 girls to every 4 boys and the Jewish Population has it a lot worse. Also, put it in the idea that they have a larger population to marry and the immigrants coming in should deviate this concept even more means that there might be something here to the whole ‘gender-bending’ issue.

Anyways this is just speculation on our part but you know, it could make some sense and give us an idea of yet another issue we need to figure a solution for.

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December 8, 2008 at 2:32 PM