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Talk about saying something and it happening…learned from a fellow blogger that banning of smoking in Israel is set to begin! Those who banned the concerts in America are urged to do something constructive with their stamps now

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Life of Rubin who we always enjoy reading wrote about this particular topic, right after I posted about how we felt if they are going to ban concerts here then at the very least the Ravs should ban smoking and other more immediate dangers to the community as well.

Hope that the trend comes to America, this is an extremely positive sign that not all hope is lost with our Ravs and that good can come from bans.


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February 29, 2008 at 12:03 AM

Excellent post by a fellow blogger concerning this whole concert banning thing – And our opinionated opinion on the whole ban issue

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Go here to see the post please: Frumhouse   

We just want to comment about something that Frumhouse wrote. Frumhouse wrote how Klal Yisroel has changed and that how we used to see our Rabbis and go to them has changed. 

This is so very true. It used to be you went to the Rav of your shul or community to ask a sheilah, now more and more are turning to see what the Rosh Yeshivas and the ‘Top Ravs’ are saying. It is very hard now a days to find a Rav that is on your level to go and ask a question to and get a response that is appropiate to your level as a Jew.

We are disturbed, urgently so, that such a ban was put into place. This makes it extremely hard to not have to follow; because they are imposing a ban on the entire community due to the Ravs who were asked to sign it. This means that the Jews who are not on that level, who don’t follow such ‘machmir positions’ can no longer enjoy concerts. That is what we feel is completely wrong. There is a reason why people are told ‘go ask the Rav yourself’. What works for one Jews position doesn’t work for everyone.We are saddened that this just continues a threat that the top ‘elite’ of the Jewish World are not remembering that the common Jew is not on their level. We wish they would either stop or go all out. Go ahead and finally ban smoking because it is harmful to ones body, ban the fact that freely drinking can cause issues, begin to start banning communities that don’t enforce Tznius laws more effectively…basically if you are going to ban something for something wrong then start banning the other issues. Don’t pick and choose…that is what Klal Yisroel has been told to do about halacha, isn’t it time enough that the Rabbis follow the same idea and not pick and choose the issues to ban and just do what they feel is right?

OMG did you see that? I got bumped by a (insert name of opposite gender) do you think she/he likes me now or was it just an accident and within the realm of halacha?

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Yeshiva World News in that link, has a letter to the editor about being squished in the bagel store. The letter is more about the fact that opposite genders seem to bump against one another more and more and that something should be done about the matter.

The thing is that when I sad down and learned about the laws of tznius, accidental bumping wasn’t one of the things that was issur…yeah, avoid it of course but accidents happen. Also for business reasons a handshake with the opposite member was also okay because its for business. Shomer Negiah is supposed to watch for SEXUAL TOUCHING or things that can lead to that. A professional handshake is not one of those things, neither is the concept of just bumping into someone (unless that someone is feeling you up and in that case yell for a cop)

I’m all for trying to make sure that genders respect each other and that both Jewish Boys and Girls maintain tznius, and we agree with the letter that people should be more careful, but for some of the comments to that letter it was just plain idiocy in our opinion.

Go and click the link above and see it for yourselves.

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February 28, 2008 at 2:22 PM

Facebook Tefilin Date Group is reaching close to 400 members…even as a joke does this shock you or not? What should the Frum Community really do about premartial sex?

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If you have Facebook go search for it and decide how you feel about it, but please, don’t join them to just bash them. At the very least the group opened up my eyes on that whole drug incident in Monsey awhile back and the club in Monticello that the kids were all hanging out at.  So does this surprise us? Not at all, if anyone is within 10 years of graduating High School (which we barely fit into) you would know that this is how our community is going towards. We know many single friends who haven’t been able to find anyone yet who are getting into their late 20s who ‘mess around’ because they can’t stand it. We know plenty of younger friends who have also done sexual acts before marriage in HS or beyond because of a variety of reasons – either being from their situations at home or because they got caught up in the crowd and in the end started doing stuff. However, what should the Frum Community really do about it?Hoping that people  will actually flag this post and respond, and then we’ll respond based upon the comments to this post, because we actually would like to hear from others besides our little group of friends we talk to about these things…so comment away people and thanks

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February 20, 2008 at 1:17 PM

Perhaps we should remember what President’s Day is all about

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Jews in America have an issue when it comes to respecting this country, because for the most part they don’t. American Holidays such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, President’s Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th seem not to be celebrated by many of our fellow Frum Yidden. We find it appalling that a country that has allowed us for over 200 years to celebrate our religion without persecution would not be celebrated more. This President’s Day we feel is more important than others since we as Jews need to open our eyes to the upcoming elections because the candidates that are running have a large connection to the future of this country. Will this country continue to be more liberal? Will Israel still be supported? Will our morals be able to coincide in the country of the free and the country of the brave?Begin to think about this country and the laws that we need to have done in this day in age. Begin to feel the history of this country that has granted us safe (relatively safe at least) harbor during this turbulent and long bleak golus and remember that we shouldn’t be taking the US of A for granted. 

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February 18, 2008 at 10:30 PM

Someone please explain this to us, how are these skirts tznius?

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Ok, we both know, we do kvetch about this particular one the most but in all seriousness we do have this pet peeve. 

 As religious Jews, those of us who do call themselves to be above the term ‘modern orthadox’ put ourselves into the idea that tznius does mean covering the elbow and the knee, as well as covering your hair (depending on most people this means have to show till 2 fingers). However when does this mean that you can wear a skirt that is just at the knee or rides up when you sit down? Or that you can show off a lot more than 2 fingers of hair?

 Seriously, we would like to know this. We don’t count ourselves really in any camp, we are frum, we are shomer shabbas, we are tznius, we keep kosher. We know many women who count themselves extremely Yeshivish dress like this…dress to kill or just dressed with short skirts/not caring so much about their hair and we do wonder why.


 Flatbush at the moment is still debating the eruvs, put into excommunication someone who put large tznius pictures of women in his sheital store to illustrate his sheitals, going after people who object to the current practices  of some schools and Ravs…and they can’t find the time to figure out why all these Yeshivish women, those who are married to their kollel men, the daughters of their Ravs, who go around and make their schools elitists and you have to jump through their hoops….and we should be listening to people who look down on us when they can’t seem to find a way to cover their knees and show themselves off?


Yeah, this a rant, and yea we are ‘judging’….but we really aren’t. We just don’t want people to be double standard. Treat everyone the same, don’t judge them on how they look or dress…but if you do judge people like that then you better dress the dress, walk the walk, and talk the talk.


As for us, we’ll just be ourselves, frum Jews, no labels please. 

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February 8, 2008 at 1:52 AM

Two shidduch rules we heard about….

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Here they are…and these are true, actual people are asking these questions from Shaddchim about shidduchim 1) If you aren’t properly toilet trained by the age of three then that will adversely affect you later on in life 2) If a boy wears velcro instead of lace ups it means he is lazy and will be lazy in life to you when you marry him

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February 8, 2008 at 1:37 AM