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Did anyone else see those flyers on the floor around Flatbush about the abuse law being voted on soon?

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Well did you?

We did. I was actually walking with one of my children. We decided to laugh at the people running around collected them to throw out, including an elderly woman (when I say that she looked to be in her 60s without any wig it seemed) who was running around particularly to throw them out. Along with that we saw a Hot Chanie, a few Oreos, and also someone who apparently yelled at his children to not even look at them and throw them out in all haste while their mother apparently disagreed.

Yeah so the essence of the letter was to tell people that there is a law that would increase the statute of limitations from only a few years to a while 10 years. And who is against this ability to go after woman who abuse men, men who abuse women, and people who abuse children? The Agudah Israel – and who have they joined forces with? The Catholic Church. Forget about the fact that also many prominent Jewish Organizations won’t even take a stance on the issue.


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April 17, 2009 at 11:19 AM

Sad story for an KJ escape…what’s sadder is the entire context of the article

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Here is the link to the article.article.

The story is about a woman who escaped KJ with her daughter but then had her kidnapped back but because they weren’t divorced yet all of those parental right issues had yet to be played out. The woman went straight from being Satmar to being, what looks like in her pictures, to not being religious at all.

While our heart goes out to this woman who feels she has been emotionally abused by the KJ and all its antics, we don’t feel 100% sorry for her because she decided to just turn away from Hashem completely and also allow an article which seems to, according to our opinion, demean what the laws of nidda are between Husband and Wife as well as put down religious Jews in general. Because unfortunately Goyim don’t see a difference between religious Jews, heck even secular Jews don’t see the different. All they see is that we are all alike.

We hope she gets her daughter back, but we also hope that before that she learns that being religious doesn’t mean you need to be inside a cult like atmosphere.

Written by frombrooklyn

July 17, 2008 at 11:39 PM