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Great post about Ashkenazim going against Kitniyos…essentially ‘why do we have these chumras’

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Frum Satire has this great article with a few commenters bringing in links to show that people where this has been happening.

Honestly; too bad this wouldn’t be a trend.

Around here in Flatbush its the tendency to go more for the chumras than it is for going with just pure halacha. Of course maybe I shouldn’t talk, in my family we don’t even eat gebraks. Why don’t we? Because this is what we do. Maybe if we lived in an area where there was NO ONE doing it perhaps we would break down and do it because not going to not allow us to go over to other houses for Yom Tov – that would make it a horrible Yom Tov and I don’t feel that a minhag should ruin a Yom Tov.

However since we know plenty of people in Flatbush that do keep non-grebaks well..this is what we are doing.

Honestly chumras are currently breaking the communities into fragments. Or making people resentful of Rabbis. Or just making people into blind walking sheep.

Honestly, why isn’t an Eruv made by the same Rav who approves the Boro Park Eruv that Flatbush people use not Kosher?

How is there a good, kosher, upper east side eruv and none in the lower east side?

Why aren’t there are least mini Eruvs in Flatbush?

How come Rabbis won’t come out with a definitive by the book halachas for married people?

Why are people completely blind to abuses among our children and married people?

Why do divorces need to wait for weeks or months because Rabbis don’t want to convene their courts?

The list goes on…and many times they hide it all behind the idea that ‘this is what we say because this is the law’

It isn’t the law when it’s a chumra. Chumras are supposed to be accepted by people not forced upon them.


Written by frombrooklyn

April 17, 2009 at 11:10 AM

FrumSatire writes about an Yeshiva World News article that seems to be against the Jewish Press…*sigh* Another rant about Halacha v. Chumra

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FrumSatire has a comment about an article on theYeshiva World News concerning the fact that someone complained about the inappropriate advertisements in the Jewish Press.

Okay, let’s look at this logically.

The Jewish Press does not violate Halacha. It would be an insult to the many Ravs who write for the Jewish Press and to the founders of the Jewish Press to say otherwise. Yes, they do open the eyes towards many many problems in our community. They do bring in views from across the entire Jewish Spectrum in America, and they might skirt the edge of what should be written or not but they aren’t violating Halacha.

The main problem is that people’s chumras go against what they see in the Jewish Press OR they want to be blind to the problems in our community. Fine. Go ahead. Do that. BUT DON’T YOU DARE FOR ONE MOMENT PUSH UPON THE REST OF US WHAT YOU FEEL IS FINE AND NOT FINE FOR A JEW TO DO.

Only person that can do that is our Rav thank you very much and B”H we have a Rav who is not completely dense, who is 100% a well respected Yeshivish Rosh Yeshivah who knows about what our individual hashkafah and feels are and ensures that when we do have a question for him he makes sure we understand the entire situation, what he feels about it, and what the halacha is about it.

Yes, we actually have a Rav who tells us his opinion and then what the Halacha is, even if the halacha is against what his opinion is!

Shocking huh?

In any case, the Yeshiva World News used to be a nice site. It’s really gone down hill in the last year as it becomes more and more extreme with its viewpoints…or maybe its just the commenters who are making it so.

Written by frombrooklyn

April 14, 2008 at 1:31 PM