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No. Seriously. WTF is up with CBS 2. Could you be any more boring?

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Ok so seriously, here is a web link to their ‘news’ about the ‘secret lives of Jews who cheat and such’

Honestly its a complete rehash of many items that have been around in the media this past year. We honestly were disappointed and also we were left wondering, how was this newsworthy?

What is next, they are going to make a report on strict Catholics that cheat and divorce? Muslims who do the same thing?

I find it appalling they found it newsworthy. The only glimmer of rescue from the idiotic reporting is the following: Maybe other Jews will realize that this IS A MAJOR PROBLEM when you have these issues become so big they are paraded in public view of the goyim. If so maybe, JUST MAYBE the Rabbis will wake up and wonder ‘hmmm maybe we are wrong’ and start to learn to fix issues.


Written by frombrooklyn

November 26, 2008 at 3:11 AM

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