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We are reminded of the generation that is supposed to be rude to their elders…and it got us thinking

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So this popped into our heads.

We always thought it was the kids being disrespectful to elders. The cursing, the ignoring of valid rules, the pushing of youth independence was to be that.

However, we always thought that was somewhat normal – society had placed artificial barriers around youth who a hundred years ago would of already been married and working.

So, we had this thought.

The rudeness is meant to be us VS the Rabbis

Seriously, think this out.

How many of you respect the Ravs now? Or wish to truly listen to them? Do you honestly agree with their opinions? Their feelings about what is correct? That they use their own feelings to ‘make halacha’ as they see fit? What about the Flatbush Eruv? Strictness of Mikvah when it isn’t needed? Uneducated masses in terms of bedroom 101? The Yeshivas unable to provide a proper education in both Hebrew and English Subjects? The failings of the Kollel Lifestyle? The eliteness shown by the Yeshivish Community? The list unfortunately goes on and on.

We need to remember as we enter this new year that we need to respect Jews as a Jew. We need to remember that you need to find a Rav you respect and knows you and follow him. Don’t go with the crowd. Don’t feel pushed to follow everyone else. Know who you are inside, what your level is, and a Rav that equals that.


Written by frombrooklyn

October 2, 2008 at 11:23 PM

2 Responses

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  1. Respecting others means you should tone down your subtle (and often not-so-subtle) criticisms of our kollel people.

    Like it or not but they are our future Rabbonim, Rabbeim, teachers, educators, etc.

    The cream of the crop.

    May Hashem bless them and us.


    October 6, 2008 at 1:15 AM

  2. Cream of the crop?

    May Hashem have mercy over all of us if that is the case. While some might be good, many are not. We are not in a generation where Torah Learning is at the level like it was over twenty years ago – and by level I mean devotion, a true feeling of achdus for a fellow Jew, and a genuine understanding that Halacha and the Word of the Torah trumps your personal feelings. I know very few of my co-workers in the Yeshiva Schools that can fit that. I met rarely a Kollel Man who was liked that when I learned in Yeshiva.

    Hashem needs to bless us – so that this generation doesn’t degenerate into a society where it can be comparable to witch hunting. May he open our eyes to the injustice within our own community and give us the strength to be able to open our mouths and be able to speak out against the hypocrites and those who use the Torah to be selfish and gain power. That our halls of learning should be safe from criminals and that teachers should be paid on time and what they are worth and be respected, protected, and encouraged to give it there all to teach our children. Most of all, that religious Jews realize that being religious isn’t the clothes you wear or the schools you go to, its the mitzvahs and commandments you follow/keep and that not being a certain ‘clique’ is okay because halacha comes in many different flavors.


    October 6, 2008 at 3:33 AM

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