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Obama is like Jimmy Carter. All Americans & Jews need to vote for McCain this year

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I got this from Yeshiva World News, here is a quote of what Dov Hikind said.

The following is a statement by NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind:

“Senator Barack Obama is to be commended for visiting Israel and the thousands of residents in Sderot who are threatened by Qassam rocket fire. But he just doesn’t get it. In May he addressed 7,000 in attendance at an AIPAC convention, as he called for Jerusalem to be the undivided capital of Israel. He stated very commandingly, ‘Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.’

“The phraseology in that speech was no doubt rehearsed and vetted numerous times, before it made it to the teleprompters. And yet, within 24 hours, Obama utterly reversed himself, stating, 0Well, obviously it’s going to be up to the parties to negotiate a range of these issues. And Jerusalem will be part of those negotiations… As a practical matter, it would be very difficult to execute [a policy of the capital remaining undivided.]’

“Then just last week, Obama contended that the Jerusalem statement was due to poor phrasing and unfortunate syntax. Or maybe he was just having a Jimmy Carter moment? There is considerable skepticism within the pro-Israel community, that Obama is a working on a sequel to Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Are we looking at Jimmy Carter II?

“Obama just doesn’t get it. I really wish he did.”

And he really doesn’t understand it. Obama rides the waves of what is popular. I have gone through his political record and I don’t see any pattern of where he stands firm on anything. He goes with what is more favorable politically. When you vote for a politician you want to know what they stand for. Obama stands on quicksand and it is constantly shifting.

All Americans need to stop listening to these wonderful speeches of Obama and look at the issues and then vote. A timetable pullout for a war? We don’t need that, we need an objective timeline to be able to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We need something more than just funneling billions of dollars into the economy and home it rebounds. We need someone who realizes that socialized medicine isn’t going to cut it – and it won’t, go ask the people who wait for months for an operation or to see a doctor in Canada or England.

We don’t agree with McCain 100%. We see a lot of his policies as against what we personally believe. However; we trust him. He remains the same on issues. He always champions what he views as morally right. And for that, at the very least we can respect him and we will know what we are getting as a President.


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July 23, 2008 at 1:18 PM

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