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Follow up to the KJ Article – What is Vos Iz Neias thinking, if they are evening thinking at all? Let’s really discuss who is responsible

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Vos Iz Neias wrote up an editorial about our previous blog post (here about the woman who escaped from KJ, had her daughter kidnapped from her, and has to try and fight to get her back.

So, at least from our reading of Vos Iz Neias editorial that they seem to be angry about this woman who decided to shout out loud and proud about what happened to her and the reporter who was more than happy to help her with this. In the end they seem to think that the entire Kiryas Joel is actually a nice place and would welcome her back to the fold.

We highly doubt that.

In fact, we are actually boiling with fury that this frum news site is once again buying a large rug for their internet office to sweep all the dirt and hideousness of the Jewish World under them.

Yeah, thats right, we prefer Yeshivah World News over Vos Iz Neias and somethings that isn’t saying a whole lot.

You want to know who is responsible for this issues? For people crying this out in public?

It’s all of us. It is those who have allowed our Rabbis to do this. That we have not forced our Ravs to be held to the standards of Gedolim of the previous Generation. That we have allowed and approved of Jews going off to small secluded areas to keep away from Goyim. That we have perverse and glorified an entire welfare state among the Jews who sit and learn (if they learn all day – many of them take very looong cig or coffee breaks or just shmooze and don’t learn for the time they are really paid to do). That we have criminalized the lack of yichus, having a ‘black sheep’ in the family, and forcing our children to get married before they are ready. For the lack of proper shidduchim codes. Not making sure our Rebettzins, their daughters, the pillars of the community should follow the halachos of tznius. And the list goes on and on.

Our readers, it is all our fault. Unless we say it outloud to our fellow Jews that we feel this generation is falling downward as fast as the Reform go through a davening then we are guilty.


Written by frombrooklyn

July 18, 2008 at 6:50 PM

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  1. It should be each to its own, not the tznius police. I welcome your comments on my tznius topics.


    July 23, 2008 at 12:08 AM

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