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Our first post back, and it’s about a book

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It’s been a rough month. Finals, End of the Year School Issues, and lastly enjoying the fact that we are expecting again soon and enjoying our current little one who isn’t really little any more.

Anyways, a while back a friend of ours wrote a book based upon her fabulous blog Jewish American Cancer Patient and we read it and fell in love with the book.

In fact everyone, it is honestly the first Jewish book in the longest time that I have enjoyed.

It’ll probably be the only one I will ever read over and over again (not exempting all the kiddie books I’ll be reading from to our child).

The book is amazing. It deals with this 16 year old girl whose life is turned upside down and she doesn’t allow it to beat her. The book made me laugh so hard at points where it just pure delight. Even while the whole tone of the book is about cancer its about a 16 year old girl still having her life despite of it.

Since I have read it, I have been wanting to come back and blog and also go back on more on the CK boards but honestly we haven’t had the time. Being full time working parents with a todder and a lot of other issues going on doesn’t leave a lot of time. IYH this post will be a start of a lot more to come.

Anyways, thanks JACP for giving me my inspiration back and seriously people…go and get this book. It’s already in its second printing. Get it now.

/Husband (with wife in the background saying post post post)


Written by frombrooklyn

June 29, 2008 at 2:11 AM

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