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One of our posts on Calm Kallahs, we felt we needed to throw it up here: Concerning how we feel about what is the current state of the Yeshivish World

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We wrote about how many of the Ravs and Leaders of the Yeshivish Community, primarily in Flatbush and Lakewood, are currently using their opinions and not halacha to decide what can and cannot be done according to the Torah and that the level of judgementalism in the Yeshivish World is on the rise – just look at the Concert Ban and those Yeshivish who are bashing their ex-good enough for them neighbors because they aren’t supporting them.


Our post. The thread can be found here 

How can one substantiate any of these claims without causing someone to be embarrassed or to cause a fight between a Jew and another Jew? 

We have personally seen and heard stories first hand of Jews being thrown out of a shul or a school because they didn’t fit in with the crowd among the Yeshivish. We know personal stories of BTs and Gerim who were rejected because they don’t have Yichus. We know of at least three posaks of the Generation in Flatbush that people ask shailahs of who do not answer questions of why the halacha is that when they give psaks. While they are busy they are unwilling to even just state where they are referencing themselves from. 

Let us make ourselves clear. We know many B”H many many Yeshivish people who are not like above. These people happen to be more into kiruv or have a background which they realize that they should not go ahead and pretend that they were always Yeshivish or they are better than their fellows. 

Are we saying all of the Ravs and people in the Yeshivish world are like this? No. However many of the leaders are being exactly like above. Look at Lakewood. Look at the elite schools in Flatbush. Go ask the Ravs of Shuls why the Boro Park Eruv is Kosher for Yeshivish to use but not the one in Flatbush that does not cross Ocean Parkway is not kosher (there are currently 5 eruvs within Brooklyn btw). We have a friend who Rav told him every eruv in Brooklyn isn’t kosher because of R’ Moshe Feinstein…even though our friend knows that R’ Moshe Feinstein’s objection was concerning Ocean Parkway he has to listen to this Rav because he made a psak – even if it was made upon questionable references. 

B”H the entire Yeshivish World is not like that. If it was there were be more than grumblings happening in Flatbush and the other strongholds. However one does need to realize in this day of age that our leaders are completely throwing aside what the previous generations have established. The bugs in the water were asked in the previous generations and were mutared. As was the Indian Hair. As was Concerts. As were even weddings with mixed seating (not that we object to that one but out of town weddings are so much nicer because of it). 

We are critical because we care, not because we wish to point fingers and blame and crucify anyone. 

If everyone who had a real objection to how the Jewish People are led right now would stand up and shout outloud that we need to have change and we need to be led upon halacha and not the opinions of the Ravs.


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April 9, 2008 at 11:20 PM

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