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According to a writer in the Jewish Press the Yeshivish World needs to learn that banning things are not the answer – our question is why are our Ravs better than the previous generations? Aren’t our Rabbis suppose to guide us instead of hitting us with sticks?

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The main focus of the article was that the author of the article stated that he has heard a lot of rumblings of people who normally never complained about the Rabbis banning or enforcing some strictness in halacha are now complaining about the fact that the Lipa Concert was banned and the ban was so vindictive and nasty in its language that it could include any concert in the future. In the end the author felt that the Yeshiva World needs to remember that banning things are not the option.

In every generation we are taught that we are not as great as the previous generation. This doesn’t mean we cannot be as righteous as the previous generation, it just means that the previous generations should be more respected as our own.

Concerts have been around for a long time. In fact a lot of things have been around for a long time such as bugs in the water, cigarettes, etc…and what are we doing now a days?

There were Ravs in the past that were asked these questions. They did not go ahead and ban those things even though the same issues were raised then as they were raised now. However, what are we doing today? We are banning things left and right. And is this what should be done?

Our Ravs are supposed to guide us. Not hit us with sticks and tell us ‘Bad Jew Bad Jew’. That isn’t the right way. HALACHA IS HALACHA and CHUMRAS ARE CHUMRAS. Chumras are what people should try to follow, if you can’t or won’t it doesn’t make you a bad Jew. 

These bans are not about halacha, they are the opinions of these Ravs who don’t like them. Are they free to voice their opinions? Yes. But not to say their opinion with the voice of halacha. How many people ignore the opinions of Ravs? A lot of them do and they do not feel like they are going against the Torah. Jews who ignore the bans feel that way and it can lead them down a darker path.

Let’s hope people wake up.



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April 7, 2008 at 2:32 AM

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