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OMG did you see that? I got bumped by a (insert name of opposite gender) do you think she/he likes me now or was it just an accident and within the realm of halacha?

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Yeshiva World News in that link, has a letter to the editor about being squished in the bagel store. The letter is more about the fact that opposite genders seem to bump against one another more and more and that something should be done about the matter.

The thing is that when I sad down and learned about the laws of tznius, accidental bumping wasn’t one of the things that was issur…yeah, avoid it of course but accidents happen. Also for business reasons a handshake with the opposite member was also okay because its for business. Shomer Negiah is supposed to watch for SEXUAL TOUCHING or things that can lead to that. A professional handshake is not one of those things, neither is the concept of just bumping into someone (unless that someone is feeling you up and in that case yell for a cop)

I’m all for trying to make sure that genders respect each other and that both Jewish Boys and Girls maintain tznius, and we agree with the letter that people should be more careful, but for some of the comments to that letter it was just plain idiocy in our opinion.

Go and click the link above and see it for yourselves.


Written by frombrooklyn

February 28, 2008 at 2:22 PM

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  1. Always fun to watch the New Yorkers shove, push and scramble for the franks & blankets at the shmorg & tackle the waiter carrying the cholent at a kiddush. It’s self centered-ness, not a tznius issue.


    February 28, 2008 at 2:58 PM

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