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Can we overcome our institutionalized minds and become better spouses?

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Reading the Jewish Press got to reading an article which for all intents and purposes brings you to the following boiled down point: Not every chasson or kallah teacher teaches wrongly, many of them do teach correctly. However there are many many couples out there who learn from teachers who do not teach the proper aspects of intimate matters between Husband and Wife. So; can we truly learn from the mistakes and  go beyond what we have learned before?  We see the following issue which is probably harming couples everywhere. They learned to do it one way. That one way was not halacha but the opinion or chumras of a Rabbi or Kallah Teacher because they see that sex or intimate matters should only be expressed as they see it. They did not do justice in teaching their pupils and as a result it can lead to either spouse or both spouses from getting the satisfaction that they deserve. So, can we learn to retrain? Sure. There are plenty of therapists that deal with these issues as we can see from reading the Jewish Press and ask our friends in hush tones over the phone or in shul about…but once again we’ll throw up the white flag. Why doesn’t the Frum Jew of today have a book to help with these issues? It’s just as bad as the Flatbush Eruv issue. No Rav can seem to agree.  *screams* 


Written by frombrooklyn

November 25, 2007 at 5:59 AM

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  1. for every idea there is a ban if no ban is availible a cherem will do


    November 26, 2007 at 2:32 AM

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