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Walmart having to cover ‘indecency’ because the Jews want to mingle with the Goyim at Walmart but want to make sure that it is kosher for them to go?

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Orthomom has a story on a Walmart opening up near Monsey and Orthadox Jews who are opposing it.


As one of the commenters in the story said, “The reason a lot of us came to live in Monsey is……away from the influences of the outside world”

Um, excuse me?

We do live in America people. You do know that we aren’t the ones running the show here. It sounded to us that it would seem that the Jews over there don’t want Walmart there because it might affect them…going as much as to get Walmart to hide ‘indecent items’ because it might affect the Jews in the area.

Guess what…if you can’t stand the goyim and get over it then don’t be among them at all. Go do what New Square did. Don’t go around dressing like goying with the denim skirts, pants, jackets. Don’t go around and follow their fashion styles. Don’t use the makeup they make, the hairstyles they have, etc.

You cannot have your cake and eat it to. Don’t go around expecting to have the goyim to change because you want them to due to your ‘sensibilies’. If it bothers you that much then why are you even having any interaction with them at all?

We live in Golus. Learn to deal with the goyim. We all must wait for Moshiach to come and be able to rise above the harshness of this golus. We see the how the goyim influence the Jews in Flatbush every single day, especially with the dressing, but is this any reason to throw your weight around and get the Goyim to bow to our whims? It’s bad enough that zoning in the area is being twisted around.


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June 29, 2007 at 6:32 AM

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