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Kashrus Alert: Mezonos Maven

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Thanks for Jewish Bisexual for putting this on her blog and bringing it to my attention. Below is her post, but please, do her the credit where credit is due and check her blog out as well.

Please be advised!

It took for Hisachdus an additional 3 days to take off the hashguche after OK had already done so on Monday?
Sources tell us that hisachdus actually picked up a check there on Wednesday, only then did they proceed to take off the hasgucha,
Shame on them! Again!

Kashruth Alert: Mezonos Maven loses Hashgocha click on link for article

Please be advised that OK Kosher no longer certifies MEZONOS MAVEN (Brooklyn, NY). This is due to lack of cooperation in the implementation of their Kashrus standards. In addition, on Thursday, the Hisachdus issued a letter giving three general reasons for removing their hashgachah. The following is a paraphrase from the Lashon Kodesh letter hanging in the hallway of a local shul: 1)They violated Kashrus policies numerous times; 2)They limited the mashgichim and refused to give them unfettered access to all areas of the plant; 3)They forbade employees from answering questions posed by the mashgichim.


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April 25, 2007 at 3:33 PM

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