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Follow up from the bus driver post

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This comes from one of the commentators on that original post.


I have seen some of these bus drivers up close and they are usualy decent people but occassionaly they are low lifes.The question is,what is the percentage of low lifes in the frum community by comparison?I suspect it is much smaller,and I would prefer a torah observant jew driving my kids.Its pure statistics for me.Is it an affront to goyim? Absolutely! Will not doing this make them like us more? Of course not! So,when it comes to my kids I dont care what they think!

The commentator is correct in the idea that yes, our children come first and if we don’t wish for a Non-Jew to bus them then by all means try and get a Jew. HOWEVER the Government should NOT PAY FOR THAT. It is discrimination for a Jewish School System to attempt to do such a thing. It is immoral, illegal, and have we forgotten our history when the Goyim did this to us? We are in Golus, we need to learn to be able to have respect for the peoples around us.

If the Jewish Schools of Lakewood wish to have Jewish Drivers for their children then go ahead and buy some buses and hire those drivers and pay them with the money. Otherwise this cannot be allowed and must be stopped with every ounce of our moral fiber. It is a disgrace to Jews if this is allowed, that public money will be used for discrimination. This will be a major chilul Hashem if the newspapers would pick up this story and run with it.

Think about the consequences of these actions. I am all for the idea of just having Jewish Bus Drivers but Public Government Funds cannot be used to approve discrimination. Public Buses cannot be given over to the Yeshivas for them to pick what drivers they want to drive them.

If they want, they can have these Jewish Men to go ahead and apply for a job at the bus company and then get hired and then request them to drive the buses…and then hopefully the other drivers would not complain about such an action and allow it…then it could be permissible under Federal and State Laws but to do it the way they have been thinking of it…makes both of us shudder because it really does remind of us of how the Goyim treated the Jews over and over again in history.


Written by frombrooklyn

March 29, 2007 at 1:23 PM

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