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Jews condemn again because they don’t get their way

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Vos Iz Neias has this story concerning that the Gov. of NY decided to not want to have temporary cell phone towers running around by wheels in order to ‘solve’ the issues of the cell phone problems that plague people who are traveling upstate.

We say shame on our fellow Jews.

1) Is it NY State’s responsibility? No it isn’t. It’s the cell phone companies. Cell phones are a luxury, not a necessity. It is nice to have them but it isn’t the Governments responsibility to ensure that they work everywhere.

2) NY Troopers will begin increased patrol, costing more money for the police but NY State is willing to do that, something which they wouldn’t have to.

3) Why is it that we have friends who routinely take the northway without having a cell phone reception issue?


Written by frombrooklyn

March 16, 2007 at 5:56 AM

8 Responses

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  1. Your a total Idiot, for the same reason the Gov gets involved in Abortion, and many other life saving issues they should get involved here, not only they don’t get involved, the environment terrorist organization APA keeps on blocking it.,


    March 16, 2007 at 12:50 PM

  2. People died because of the lack of cell towers. Cell phones are a way of life now, providing increased security.

    Politics killed two people on that road this winter. It’s not just Jews who are complaining. This was on all the news. It was a major tragedy because of silly bickering.

    If a car is off the road (like what happened) it isn’t so easy to see the car.


    March 16, 2007 at 1:29 PM

  3. Yes, people have died with the cell phone towers but also people have died due to many other things in this world as well.

    ‘Aa’, Bringing up abortion is a really bad example.

    In responce to ‘But’, you are right that it is unfortunate that people have died, on the other hand the entire movement to upgrade and improve the towers began with the Jews because they complained they couldnt use them when they went upstate during the summer. Now that they have a real reason to complain in their hands they are using it to batter down the opposition.

    The State of NY is all for putting up new towers but it is not on their heads that it hasn’t been done yet and they should not be the ones that should solve the issue. As of right now the Government, except for approving cell phone technology, has no say in how cell phone companies operate. When the day comes that the Federal Government actually puts down legislation that will regular the cell phone industry then we can use that as a reason for NY State to force Cell Phone companies to put up the towers ASAP.

    The real pressure should be thrown against Verizon and the other companies who can realistically have new towers up in just a few short months but have been dragging their heels.


    March 16, 2007 at 2:36 PM

  4. “Yes, people have died with the cell phone towers but also people have died due to many other things in this world as well.”

    Right, and whenever ppl die from something that appears to be preventable, there is massive public outcry and govt steps in to help. Why should this case be any different?

    And in regards to your reply to but:
    It is not fair to Langner family and to all supporters of the cell tower issue to equate the Northway coverage campaign, with the summers in the Catskills. Why do you say this movement is because of that? This is not even the same road we are talking about. Senator Little has admitted herself that she has already been fighting for this for a long time, and it is only because of the two deaths that this serious matter has received the attention it needs. No one is asking for towers because it of inconveniences in their summer residencs, we are actually talking about people’s LIVES!

    And no, NY State had the option of allowing temporary cell towers, and they said NO. Such towers would work until the permanent ones go up, providing portable relief for the problem. The govt doesn’t regulate the cell phone industry, however it is only because of all the environmental regulations in the area that the wireless providers don’t build. There is no point in pressuring compaines into building towers, which due to existing laws, cannot be of decent use.

    Don’t be so quick to condemn your fellow brother. Perhaps take it as a kiddish Hashem that another Yid is fighting for human lives.


    March 18, 2007 at 5:29 AM

  5. I would love it if the Jews were doing this as a kiddish Hashem but they aren’t. They only complained in the beginning because it interfered with the summer exodus of NYC and then because Jews were dying because they couldn’t call 911/Hatzalah.

    There are laws in this country, please remember that. They shouldn’t have to change their laws because a company is not doing its duty to its customer base. While NY State could of changed the law to allow the mobile cell towers they didn’t and they shouldnt be held accountable for it at all.

    If you knew anything about the technology involved you would know that the issues with the cell towers could of been fixed years ago but money = inability to act. Now that it costs cheaper and they need to upgrade the networks the cell companies are more willing to do it.

    Again, look at the companies you use as a cell provider, don’t blame the state for their laws.


    March 18, 2007 at 6:23 AM

  6. On what basis are you saying all that from? I am involved with the issue and I know that if it wouldn’t be for standing regulations that prevent companies from building towers above a certain height, there would’ve long been coverage in that area.

    This issue started only now after two deaths. Could be that there was some noise in the summertime over this, but hte actual Albany push started only after two people expired. But u know what? I’m sure the grieving families would’ve been more than happy if the issue would’ve been corrected earlier for whatever reason…


    March 18, 2007 at 11:42 AM

  7. Disagree,

    I agree with your last comment 100%. But I know for a certainty that the entire issue of ‘fixing’ the cell phone issue began in the late 90s when many Jews kept complaining to the cell phone companies that they were unable to use their cell phones all the time. This led to a campaign to get the State to step in, which refused. I do know that there are elements attached to the push to fix the cell phone towers have latched onto the deaths as now a legitimate reason to force the State to bend their own laws to fix the issue.

    As it stands, there are two things wrong with the issue. 1) I have on good authority from friends who make regular trips along that route that they have a cell phone provider that works there and 2) The cell towers could of been built differently and the problem could of been worked around years ago – hense why cell phone towers now work pretty well in most of the upstate region if you have the right cell company.

    It still comes down to companies doing what is right and not the State. Jews should not be the ones trying to be at the front of pushing this issue forward. Let the Goyim do it, we can give our support to the cause, but given the past representation that Jews have done concerning the cell phone issue in upstate it can be definitely seen as that we are just using the issue for our own benefit now.

    Again, if this issue had just started now, I would agree with all of your comments but this issue has been up since the mid 90s with Jews yelling and screaming about it.


    March 18, 2007 at 1:44 PM

  8. As a former employee of the NY state Legislature I have to disagree with you on this issue, I also happen o be active in the area and frequent North Hudson where the accident took place. First of all the blame cannot be singled to anyone. The local towns in the area do not want cell phone service due to the unsightliness of the towers- they are quiet ugly. The zoning issues in Adirondack park also lead to some degree of complications as well as dealing with the APA Adirondack Park Agency- a political mess within itself.

    I personally hate cell phone towers and am disgusted with their proliferation- but my personal issues should have nothing to do with it. Political problems are too often centered around the issues of a few people within population and therefore enforcing the whole tyranny of majority complex that the Anti-Federalists feared.

    Do not blame the Governor- blame first off the environmentalists that jump on any issue that seems to threaten a few trees. Just look at their hypocratic stance with building wind farms in the Adirondacks and Catskills. They are anti-oil and pro alternative energy- yet wind farms are seen as “scars upon the land” and they apparently kill too many birds. Well you cant have it both ways.


    March 20, 2007 at 2:30 AM

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