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Followup to the Lakewood School Post before

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Our original post is here

Lakewood Kollel Wife has a post concerning a follow up to what we had commented about before, that the Lakewood Girl HSs were told to close until all the girls were placed.

Apparently the post on LKW says that there wasn’t an issue at all, that the schools were doing everything they could in order to help the Girls and it was just an issue of one girl who wasn’t good for one school and had to be switched around.

*Rolls eyes and continues*

Go and read the comments over there. And here is our own (unsure if it’ll be approved onto there but we shall see). I predicted when I was in High School that Lakewood was going to have severe issues with their teens within 10 years. I was correct. The High School situation is horrible in Lakewood. I know Ravs and Schools who now tell their students to not go to Lakewood for HS because it isn’t ‘so great now’. And forget the Girls schools. There is such an anti-achdus atmosphere there that the Ravs have to twist arms to get the girls into schools. But what about new schools? Why hasn’t there been a drive to keep them open? Why can’t funding be redirected from elsewhere to help pay for them? Lakewood is an example of a community where everything is currently going wrong. The schools are suffering, the kollel familes are suffering, traffic is horrible, Jewish Landowners are practically being criminals, the Ravs have yet to do anything about these situations but have the time to go after the Internet, how the Non-Jews are resenting the Jews there…and the list grows daily.

Of course, if you live in NYC, this is a typical day.


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