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My very late Purim post…Jew vs. Jew…the ultimate fight

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So as I sit here, without my wife at my side since it was decided my Purim post was my own, I contemplate an unusual state of affairs.

Tears that cannot come out well up behind my eyes as I think about how the state of seemingly perpetual war us Jews are in. Not war against outsiders but against ourselves. It seems to be a daily  contest of wills between Jews because of reasons which are from extremely petty (kind of tablecloth one uses on Shabbas) to the serious (atheist Jews condemning other Jews with trying to make new laws against them) and I wonder, haven’t we learned anything over the centuries of exile that we have suffered through?

It amazes me that we spend so much strength on our petty fights that we seem to not be able to join together and really focus on the needs of all Jews. Why can’t we learn to live along side one another no matter what? Why can’t we accept a Jew because they are a Jew? Why can’t we try and help and support one another instead of pushing down and condemning your neighbor?

I scream out to Hashem PLEASE BRING MOSHIACH THIS SECOND. Please bring about the final redemption. It makes my knees weak to hear about a Jew fighting against another Jew. Condeming one another. Repeating the same mistakes that we did from the golus in Mitzrayim.

As Pesach now approaches maybe we can relearn some of the lessons from there. How many Jews left Egypt? How many died during the Darkness and were buries in secret? Remember why they died, remember why we had to wander the desert for 40 years, remember why we suffered between the Judges of Yisroel, remember why Israel was split apart by civil wars and conquest, remember the reasons that the Bais Hamikashim were destroyed. WE ALL MUCH REMEMBER NOW.

We cannot waste a moment in our lives to stop berating one another, we need to come together through unity. We might not agree with one another but the point is that we can stand together, work together, and try and illustrate the best way to serve Hashem.


Written by frombrooklyn

March 7, 2007 at 6:40 AM

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