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Blogger sued, support Orthomom!

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To all my readers,

A member of the Jewish Blogging Community has been hit by a lawsuit. We are throwing our small support behind her (because compared to the rest of the Jewish Blogging World, we really have a small readership) but please go ahead and read the blogs which are commenting about her. We can’t add more than what they had said and we don’t feel write grabbing words from other blogs so here are the links:

Life of Rubin – Has a list of Bloggers currently supporting Orthomom.

Orthomom herself has commented about the lawsuit

Ozymandias, Canonist, Serandez, Krum as a Bagel, Dov Bear, and Only Passing Through all have terrific blog posts concerning the lawsuit and their opinions on it.

I’ll let the links work out what we feel about it to.

Go Orthomom!


Written by frombrooklyn

February 19, 2007 at 5:00 AM

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