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To all parents

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I need an explaination for something that has been troubling me for awhile.

How is this generation so fundimentally screwed up?

Every teacher I speak with talks about how the kids under them act, talk, and behave towards their peers and teachers. I hear about it every day. I see that some schools have written all of it off as the price of doing business. How? How can we just write this off? I speak to parents daily and they seem to just talk to their child and that is enough. Why are these children not understanding the proper ways of the world? To have respect for their elders. their teachers, their peers. Who cares if they are still young? You mean to tell me that means they don’t have control of their actions?

If a child is raised with the right ethics they should know right from wrong. To state that any child above the age of 12 is incapable of doing the right thing more than the wrong is 100% incorrect. Children can do it. They are capable of learning what it means to act properly.

So why is it so hard for these children? For these parents? For these schools? What is wrong with us now? What is wrong with the education that we have today?

I remember elementary school. Yes the kids acted crazy, but not like it is today. I have spoken to my old teachers and they don’t have half the horror stories they do now of children growing up now.

So I am asking you, and I know a lot of you do come here, comment. Tell me what you think is wrong with the education system. Hebrew, English, it all boils down into one pot. A school is a school. A teacher is a teacher. Both are given the authority by parents to instruct the children. Tell me what is going on, why you think we are having more problems than ever in our schools.


Written by frombrooklyn

February 16, 2007 at 5:46 AM

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