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So over at one of our favorite forums we got into a bit of bashing concerning 1) the proper use of English Grammar 2) How to properly read English writing 3) Not assuming what other people meant with their writing unless it actually says it in whatever color the text is and the background is and 4) To really not get so personal about commenting to someone else.

Unfortunately the above are all seriously lacking mainly within the Jewish Community, even though truth be told we are Thank G-d lucky to have many friends who aren’t like that. However we run into so many people who we need to deal with on a daily basis who are like that.

A call out to all those people who dedicate their lives to raising children and instiling proper values and ability to navigate the world they live in…how is it right for so many Jews to act the way they do? We are all for having Rabbaim and the Torah to guide us but how can someone impose their will on someone else just because they feel its wrong? Or that they should assume something about someone because of a little tibit of information?

Beyond that tirade something today reminded me of a camp story that I had heard.
Several boys had been in their bunk when one of them decided to make a job about a Jewish Strip Club and began to slowly raise his pants to show the knees and his shirt to uncover his elbows. Needless to say the 11 and 12 year olds found it very funny and amusing.

Today while walking down Ave J I got the same show but with either single girls or young married woman. And it isn’t a joke. Sadness.


Written by frombrooklyn

February 1, 2007 at 9:29 PM

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